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Some like it flat: Decoupled h-BN monolayer substrates for aligned graphene growth
Silvan Roth, Thomas Greber and Jürg Osterwalder
ACS Nano 10 (2016) 11187-11195; On-line link


High quality single atomic layer deposition of hexagonal boron nitride on single crystalline Rh(111) four-inch wafers
Adrian Hemmi, Carlo Bernard, Huanyao Cun, Silvan Roth, Martin Klöckner, Thomas Kälin, Martin Weinl, Stefan Gsell, Matthias Schreck, Jürg Osterwalder and Thomas Greber
Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (2014) 035101; On-line link

Implantation length and thermal stability of interstitial Ar atoms in boron nitride nanotents
Huanyao Cun, Marcella Iannuzzi, Adrian Hemmi, Jürg Osterwalder and Thomas Greber
ACS Nano, 8 (2014) 1014-1021; On-line link


Note: An ion source for alkali metal implantation beneath graphene and hexagonal boron nitride monolayers o n transition metals
Luis Henrique de Lima, Huanyao Cun, Adrian Hemmi, Thomas Kälin and Thomas Greber
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (2013) 126104; On-line link

Immobilizing individual atoms beneath a corrugated single layer of boron nitride
Huanyao Cun, Marcella Iannuzzi, Adrian Hemmi, Silvan Roth, Jürg Osterwalder and Thomas Greber
Nano Letters 13 (2013) 2098; On-line link

Chemical vapor deposition and characterization of aligned and incommensurate graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostack on Cu(111)
Silvan Roth, Fumihiko Matsui, Thomas Greber and Jürg Osterwalder
Nano Letters 13 (2013) 2668; On-line link

Hexagonal boron nitride on transition metal surfaces
Jaime Gomez Diaz, Yun Ding, Ralph Koitz, Ari P Seitsonen, Marcella Iannuzzi and Jürg Hutter
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 132 (2013) 1350; On-line link


Chiral Distortion of Confined Ice Oligomers (n = 5,6)
Haifeng Ma, Yun Ding, Marcella Iannuzzi, Thomas Brugger, Simon Berner, Jürg Hutter, Jürg Osterwalder, and Thomas Greber
Langmuir 28 (2012) 15246; On-line link


Comparative study of the nature of chemical bonding of corrugated graphene on Ru(0001) and Rh(111) by electronic structure calculations
Marcella Iannuzzi, Jürg Hutter
Surface Science 605 (2011) 1360-1368; On-line link

Synthesis of epitaxial graphene on rhodium from 3-pentanone
Silvan Roth, Jürg Osterwalder and Thomas Greber
Surface Science 605 (2011) L17-L19; On-line link

Investigation of h-BN/Rh(111) Nanomesh Interacting with Water and Atomic Hydrogen
Yun Ding, Marcella Iannuzzi and Jürg Hutter
Chimia 65 (2011) 256-259; On-line link


Corrugated single layer templates for molecules: From h-BN nanomesh to graphene based quantum dot arrays
Ma, Hai-feng; Thomann, Mario; Schmidlin, Jeanette; Roth, Silvan; Morscher, Martin; Greber, Thomas
Frontiers of Physics in China 5 (2010) 387-392; On-line link

Graphene based quantum dots
Zhang, H. G.; Hu, H.; Pan, Y.; Mao, J. H.; Gao, M.; Guo, H. M.; Du, S. X.; Greber, T.; Gao, H.-J.
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22 (2010) 302001; On-line link

h-BN/Ru(0001) nanomesh: A 14-on-13 superstructure with 3.5 nm periodicity
Martoccia, D.; Brugger, T.; Bjoerck, M.; Schlepuetz, C. M.; Pauli, S. A.; Greber, T.; Patterson, B. D.; Willmott, P. R.
Surface Science 604 (2010) L16-L19; On-line link

h-BN on Rh(111): Persistence of a commensurate 13-on-12 superstructure up to high temperatures
Martoccia, D.; Pauli, S. A.; Brugger, T.; Greber, T.; Patterson, B. D.; Willmott, P. R.
Surface Science 604 (2010) L9-L11; On-line link

Nano-ice on Boron Nitride Nanomesh: Accessing Proton Disorder
Ma, Haifeng; Brugger, Thomas; Berner, Simon; Ding, Yun; Iannuzzi, Marcella; Hutter, Jürg; Osterwalder, Jürg; Greber, Thomas
ChemPhysChem 11 (2010) 399-403; On-line link

Supramolecular Assemblies Formed on an Epitaxial Graphene Superstructure
Pollard, Andrew J.; Perkins, Edward W.; Smith, Nicholas A.; Saywell, Alex; Goretzki, Gudrun; Phillips, Anna G.; Argent, Stephen P.; Sachdev, Hermann; Müller, Frank; Hüfner, Stefan; Gsell, Stefan; Fischer, Martin; Schreck, Matthias; Osterwalder, Jürg; Greber, Thomas; Berner, Simon; Champness, Neil R.; Beton, Peter H.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 49 (2010) 1794-1799; On-line link

Nanotexture Switching of Single-Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Rhodium by Intercalation of Hydrogen Atoms
Brugger, Thomas; Ma, Haifeng; Iannuzzi, Marcella; Berner, Simon; Winkler, Adolf; Hutter, Jürg; Osterwalder, Jürg; Greber, Thomas
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 49 (2010) 6120-6124; On-line link


Fermi surfaces of single layer dielectrics on transition metals
Greber, T.; Corso, M.; Osterwalder, J.
Surface Science 603 (2009) 1373-1377; On-line link

Comparison of electronic structure and template function of single-layer graphene and a hexagonal boron nitride nanomesh on Ru(0001)
Brugger, Thomas; Günther, Sebastian; Wang, Bin; Dil, J. Hugo; Bocquet, Marie-Laure; Osterwalder, Jürg; Wintterlin, Joost; Greber, Thomas
Physical Review B 79 (2009) 045407; On-line link


Surface trapping of atoms and molecules with dipole rings
H. Dil, J. Lobo-Checa, R. Laskowski, P. Blaha, S. Berner, J. Osterwalder, T. Greber
Science 319 (2008) 1824-1826


Electrolytic in-situ STM investigation of h-BN-Nanomesh
R. Widmer, S. Berner, O. Groening, T. Brugger, J. Osterwalder, T. Greber
Electrochemistry Communications 9 (2007) 2484-2488

Self-assembly of a hexagonal boron nitride nanomesh on Ru(0001)
A. Goriachko, Y. He, M. Knapp, H. Over, M. Corso, T. Brugger, S. Berner, J. Osterwalder, T. Greber
Lamgmuir Letters 23 (2007) 2928-2931

Performance on molecules, surfaces, and solids of the Wu-Cohen GGA exchange-correlation energy functional
F. Tran, R. Laskowski, P. Blaha, and K. Schwarz
Phys. Rev. B, 75, 115131 (2007)

Single layer model of the h-BN nanomesh on the Rh(111) surface
R. Laskowski, P. Blaha, T. Gallauner, K. Schwarz
Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 106802 (2007)

Boron nitride nanomesh: functionality from a corrugated monolayer
S. Berner, M. Corso, R. Widmer, O. Groening, R. Laskowski, P. Blaha, K. Schwarz, A. Goriachko, H. Over, S. Gsell, M. Schreck, H. Sachdev, T. Greber, J. Osterwalder
Angewandte Chemie 46, 5115 (2007)

Tunable self-assembly of one-dimensional nanostructures with orthogonal directions
M. Allan, S. Berner, M. Corso, T. Greber, J. Osterwalder
Nanoscale Res. Lett. 2(2) (2007) 94-99

Surface X-ray diffraction study of boron-nitride nanomesh in air
O. Bunk, M. Corso, D. Martoccia, R. Herger, P.R. Willmott, B.D. Patterson, J. Osterwalder, J.F. van der Veen, T. Greber
Surface Science 601 (2007) L7-L10


Photoelectron diffraction for a look inside nanostructures
J. Osterwalder, A. Tamai, W. Auwärter, M. Allan and T. Greber
Chimia 60(11) (2006) A795-A799

Formation of single layer h-BN on Pd(111)
M. Morscher, M. Corso, T. Greber and J. Osterwalder
Surface Science, Vol. 600 (16) (2006), 3280-3284

Yttria-stabilized zirconia films of different composition as buffer layers for the deposition of epitaxial diamond/Ir layers on Si(001)
S. Gsell, M. Fischer, Th. Bauer, M. Schreck, B. Stritzker
Diamond Relat. Mater., Vol. 15 (4-8) (2006), 479-485

Biomolecular networks and supramolecular traps on Au(111)
L.M.A. Perdigão, E.W. Perkins, J. Ma, P.A. Staniec, B.L. Rogers, N.R. Champness and P.H. Beton
J.Phys.Chem B, 110 (2006), 12539 - 12542

Single layer hexagonal boron nitride films on Ni(110)
T. Greber, L. Brandenberger, M. Corso, A. Tamai and J. Osterwalder
Proceedings ALC05, e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech, 4 (2006) 410


h-BN on Pd(110): a tunable system for selfassembled nanostructures?
M. Corso, T. Greber and J. Osterwalder
Surface Science, 577 (2005) L78


Boron Nitride Nanomesh
M. Corso, W. Auwärter, M. Muntwiler, A. Tamai, T. Greber and J. Osterwalder
Science vol.303, 9 January 2004, 217-220
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