NanoMesh Workshop

BRAUNWALD, Switzerland
September 17-20, 2006


Nanomesh and More - Self-Assembling Templates for Regular Nanostructures

The NanoMesh workshop will be held in the small car free village of Braunwald in Switzerland from September 17-20, 2006.

This Workshop brings together experts in the domains of nanostructured and functionalized surfaces, molecular monolayers, catalysis, bioadhesion and nanomagnetism in order to discuss recent progress in the understanding of self-assembly processes and in the control of nanotemplate materials.

This workshop is organized within the framework of the STREP (Specific Targeted Research Project) project "NanoMesh", sponsored by the FP6 of the European Commission.

In this project, a nanomesh of hexagonal boron nitride is explored. It serves as a model system for a non-trivial self-assembly process and is a promising nanostructured support material for widespread applications due to its thermal stability and chemical inertness.

The goal of this workshop, open for 60 to 80 participants from inside and outside the "NanoMesh" project, is to connect new findings and concepts gained with the boron nitride system to the wealth of knowledge available from a much wider class of nanostructured materials and to evaluate potential applications.

The workshop format consists of invited and contributed papers. Poster sessions will allow to induce informal discussions.

We are looking forward to meet you in a healthy and stimulating scientific atmosphere!

The committee